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Founded at the end of 2009, Appeninn Holding Asset Management Plc. has, by now,  become one of the most dynamically developing real estate investment companies in Hungary. The company’s shares have been traded on Budapest Stock Exchange (BÉT) as from 2010, and have been in the Premium share category since the autumn of 2013. The shares of Appeninn are also part of the BUMIX (2011) and the BUX (2012) baskets and the regional index of CECE (2013).

Appeninn has a place in several segments of the real estate market with a portfolio which mainly includes business centers and city-logistic elements. The real estate portfolio has been dynamically expanded with properties with a great location and with a continuous potential of being leased out and yielding a high income. As a result of an effective management, the capital asset of the property portfolio has increased from the original HUF 7 billion to HUF 22 billion. The portfolio includes metropolitan and rural properties with a total area of 65 thousand square meters and with a utilization rate of 95%, which is well above the market average, confirming the success of our property market strategy.

The company focuses on the Hungarian property market segments where they can acquire crisis-resistant assets and assets with a high yield potential for the purpose of investment. In the recent years, Appeninn has increased its portfolio and goodwill by effectively involving resources from the Hungarian capital market necessary for its growth, and, thus, making further acquisitions. Owing to an efficient operation, the company’s income and result have increased since its entry into the stock exchange. At the end of 2013 the company’s rental income exceeded EUR 5.4 million. Appeninn’s purpose is to expand its porfolio and become a classic property holding.

Due to the its expertise and a transparent and successful operation, the company offers options to those individuals and institutions to enter the national capital market and real estate market who would like to invest in this field in an effective and diversified form.


Telephone: +36 1 346 8869
Address: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 59.

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Bernáth Tamás
Chief Executive Officer - Chairman of the Board

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Guttmann György Vilmos
Member of the Board - Member of the Commitee

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Dr. Szabó Nóra
Member of the Board

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Dr. Tóth Judit
Member of the Board - Member of the Commitee

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Malik Zoltán
Member of the Board - Member of the Commitee

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