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Gábor Székely is the member of the Appeninn Holding Ltd's Board of Directors and CEO

Since 2004 he has been the executive director of RMBK 2003 cPlc, which is a company dealing with investments and consulting. He has gained experience in leading the complex operation of residential parks, co-ordinating the operation of industrial properties and logistic centres and in the development of residential parks. As a consultant he has participated in the capital transactions of significant national companies and as an expert he has taken part in the sale of industrial production plants.

Till 2006 he filled the position of supervisory board president of Rotary Fúrási cPlc. He graduated as an economist specialised in tax, duty and tariff at the College of Finance and Accountancy, in 1996. Beside this, since 2009 he has been the company manager of RIG SERVICE cPlc. – an engineering, maintenance and service company.


Telaphone: +36 1 346 8869
Address: 1022 Budapest,Bég u. 3-5