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Introducing the Appeninn Nyrt.

Company Information

The Appeninn Holding Asset Management Plc. was founded at the end of the year 2009 and by now one of the most dinamically developing real estate investment company of Hungary. The company focusing on the niche segments, where they can acquire low priced but high-yield producing assets which are medium and long-term sustainable with investment use. The target fields are the A and B category busines centers and the industrial and logistic properties. The Appeninn’s asset management competencies are useful in other market segments, like in the heavy vehicles field. The company is distinguished from the competitors by flexible attitude and the fast and effective decision-making, despite the size of the company. In addition, the capital market oriented model, which has practical value in the operation and financing also distinguish the Appeninn from the other rivals.

Stock Exchange

Appeninn is member of the BUX, BUMIX, CECE indexes

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Telephone: +36 1 346 8869
Address: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 59.

Tomcsányi Gábor

Executive Director

Détári-Szabó Ádám

Investor Relations