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Introducing Appeninn Nyrt.

Company Information

Appeninn Vagyonkezel┼Ĺ Holding Nyrt was founded at the end of 2009 and is now one of Hungary’s most dynamically developing investment companies. It focuses on niche market segments in which low-cost assets promising high yields can be acquired and held on to as medium- and long-term investments. The target area includes the Category A and B office building market as well as industrial and logistics properties. Appeninn’s assets management competencies can also be well used in several other market segments – the heavy goods vehicle market, for instance.
The company is distinguished from its competitors not only by its flexible approach and, despite its size, its ability to make quick and effective decisions, but also by the transparent, capital market-oriented operation model, which has practical added value in financing and operations.
An important feature in the strategy of Appeninn Vagyonkezel┼Ĺ Holding Nyrt is the capital market orientation. The stock exchange targets set by the company have been consistently achieved on schedule:

Autumn 2009: Foundation of the company
June 2010: Category B listing on the Budapest Stock Exchange
April 2011: Appeninn shares included in BUMIX
May 2011: Appeninn debuts in forward trading
October 2011: Category A listing on the Budapest Stock Exchange
April 2012: Appeninn shares included in BUX
The company group uses the stock exchange’s capital accumulation function to acquire new funds that can be used to expand the real estate portfolio in the underpriced market by making the usual leveraged (loan-financed) investments.
The management and the owners have set themselves the goal of developing the company – by continuous extension of its portfolio, by supplementary real estate development and purchase of production plants – into a holding company with traditional values, a conservative business policy and readily definable asset-based values by doubling the size of its portfolio on an average of every two years.
The target area includes the Category A and B office building market, where the company already owns 31,000 square meters, as well as industrial and logistics properties, where the company has 19,000 square meters of storage facilities. Appeninn owns a total of 150,000 square meters of land area. Appeninn’s services also include leasing commercial vehicles for special purposes.


The founder and current principal owner of Appeninn Nyrt is Swiss-registered Lehn Consulting AG. Lehn Consulting has demonstrated its commitment to the company’s long-term development by providing Appeninn with the necessary funds for its operation and acquisitions. The companies held by Appeninn are worth more than HUF 14.5 billion. The amount of assets managed by the company almost doubled in the first year of the company’s operation.

Stock Exchange

Appeninn is member of the BUX, BUMIX, CECE indexes

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Telephone: +36 1 346 8869
Address: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 59.

Tomcsányi Gábor

Executive Director

Détári-Szabó Ádám

Investor Relations



Telaphone: +36 1 346 8869
Address: 1022 Budapest,Bég u. 3-5